Frequently Asked Questions
The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) is a non-profit established by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office as a secure way for the public to give directly to victims of mass casualty crime in our state. Oversight of CHF comes from a volunteer Board of Trustees.

Who does CHF Help?

Q: Who is eligible for assistance from the Colorado Healing Fund (CHF)?

A: CHF was established to help victims of mass casualty crime in Colorado. This is federally defined as a criminal act in which four or more people, selected indiscriminately, are killed. This does not include the perpetrator(s). Relatives of the victims who were killed and individuals who were injured in the criminal act are given priority for CHF assistance. The CHF Board of Directors also has the discretion to extend assistance to others impacted by the criminal act, such as witnesses and the community at-large.

Q: Does CHF provide assistance to Coloradans who are injured or killed in mass tragedies that happen outside of Colorado?

A: CHF was established specifically to assist victims and communities impacted by mass tragedies that occur in Colorado.

Q: Does CHF provide assistance to victims of natural disasters?

A: No.CHF was created specifically to support victims of mass tragedies that are the result of a criminal act in Colorado.

Q: Do victims need to be Colorado residents to receive assistance from CHF?

A: No. All victims, relatives of victims, and potentially other individuals or communities impacted by a mass tragedy that occurs in Colorado are eligible for assistance from CHF.

How does CHF Help?

Q: What kind of assistance is provided by CHF?

A: CHF provides monetary assistance to victims. CHF works with local agencies and organizations in the community where the mass tragedy occurred to identify the immediate, intermediate, and long-term needs of victims, their families, and others significantly impacted by the tragedy. Another role of CHF is to conduct crisis management trainings for law enforcement, first responders, and other stakeholders throughout Colorado.

Q: Does CHF only issue money to victims for certain needs?

A: All mass tragedies are unique, especially when it comes to the needs of victims and communities impacted by them. CHF Board of Trustees has flexibility to authorize funding for a broad variety of victim needs. That may include, but is not limited to, expenses such as travel and lodging for families of victims, immediate costs such as rent and utilities, and more long-term needs identified by the community impacted.

Q: Does CHF ever issue payments directly to victims?

A: CHF issues payments to victims’ advocate organizations that are working directly with victims of the mass tragedy. These organizations provide victims with a single point of contact that helps bring together resources for their immediate, intermediate, and long-term needs. By providing payments through victim assistance CHF helps ensure donations are getting to the victims.

Q: How does CHF differ from other organizations that provide help to victims?

A: CHF was established to help address gaps in resources. Colorado has experienced mass violence multiple times and there have been challenges in the past to fully address victim needs. There are a number of other credible and vital organizations in Colorado that assist victims – CHF doesn’t want to duplicate or replace that important work. CHF is purely meant to serve as a trusted, secure, contributing partner that can help meet the needs that may be outside the scope of other organizations, or that require additional monetary support.

How can I give?

Q: Does CHF accept donations year round, and if so, how and what can be donated?

A: CHF accepts monetary donations only. You can donate via check, credit or debit card in any amount via Colorado Gives (operated by the Colorado Gives Foundation). The button on the homepage of this website will also link you to the donation portal on Colorado Gives.

Q: Where does my money go when I donate to CHF?

A: When a mass tragedy occurs in Colorado, funds are made available to victims, their families, and others as determined by CHF Board of Trustees. The Board utilizes the CHF’s Advisory Committee, all of whom have firsthand experience helping victims with unique needs after mass tragedies, to help guide recommendations on how the CHF can best support victims. Funds are issued to victim assistance groups that are working directly with the victims and can ensure they receive the money in a timely manner. Another role of CHF is to conduct crisis management trainings for law enforcement, first responders, and other stakeholders throughout Colorado. A portion of the donations may be used for CHF’s administrative needs.

Q: Are donations to CHF tax deductible?

A: Yes. CHF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.

Q: Can I designate my donation for a specific victim or family?

A: CHF Board of Trustees works diligently to ensure your gift goes where it’s needed most in the event of a mass tragedy in Colorado. The goal of CHF is to provide as much support as necessary to all victims. For this reason, CHF does not earmark donations for certain victims or families. Those who are interested in donating to a specific victim should also review information about the risks involved with this type of giving.