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Victims Assistance Agencies can include national, statewide, and community-based law enforcement entities and charitable organizations. These agencies work directly with victims of criminal acts to help bring together resources and support. If you’re looking for information about specific organizations, the Colorado Organization for Victim’s Assistance (COVA) is a partner of the Colorado Healing Fund and maintains a statewide directory of victim’s assistance agencies.

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In the aftermath of a mass tragedy, many people want to help and word can quickly spread through social media about ways to give. Unfortunately, this creates an opportunity for scams and fraud. The Colorado Attorney General’s Office, Colorado Healing Fund and law enforcement work with donation platforms like GoFundMe to verify the authenticity of funds that are established for victims and remove those that may be illegitimate. Because these are temporary funds created by private individuals, Colorado Healing Fund cannot endorse them. Those looking to donate directly to a victim or family should be mindful of increased risk of fraud. Colorado Healing Fund recommends verifying charitable organizations through


The Colorado Healing Fund was established with the support of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office to provide a safe way for people to give after a mass tragedy in Colorado. Cases involving Charity Fraud are investigated and prosecuted by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office which has helpful information on how to safeguard your donations, and how to report possible fraud.

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