Donations Dispersed by Colorado Healing Fund in Response to Club Q Shooting

DENVER, CO – In response to the tragic Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs on November 20, the Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) began collecting donations and making funds available to support those directly impacted.

The CHF is an organization specifically created to be a safe, secure way for people to donate following an incident of mass violence, ensuring that the funds go to those directly impacted by the tragedy. The fund is also committed to supporting the long-term recovery of the community and working with our many partners, including leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community. As of November 22, 2022, the CHF has completed two distributions of donations in response to the Club Q Shooting in Colorado Springs.

The first disbursement occurred on November 20, less than 24 hours after the shooting. CHF approved $50,000 to be disbursed to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) to support travel and immediate needs of families of the victims and individuals directly impacted by the shooting.

On November 21, CHF approved the release of $195,000 in total cash disbursements which will be made to the surviving families who lost their loved ones and the individuals who were injured.

Additional distributions will continue to be made based on the collection of donations and the identification of needs of those directly impacted by this tragedy in coordination with our coordinating organizations, including our important partners in the LGBTQIA+ community. The public can securely donate through these websites:

Established in 2018, CHF is chaired by Former Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman and the non-profit organization’s Board of Trustees. The CHF is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees representing a wide range of communities and geographic areas within Colorado. In addition, it is supported by an Advisory Committee comprised of victim advocacy and assistance experts. More about the non-profit organization can be found at