The Colorado Healing Fund Disburses Additional $620,000 to Survivors and Family Members of Victims of the Boulder Supermarket Shooting

The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) today announced that it will disburse an additional $620,000 in funds received for the benefit of victims of the March 2021 supermarket shooting in Boulder. The disbursement means that the CHF will have distributed $4,241,719 to victims of the shooting and to the Boulder Strong Resource Center (BSRC).

The $620,000 in funds will be distributed to 10 families of those killed in the shooting and to 27 survivors and victims of the shooting (including customers, employees and first responders). The disbursement was made last week.

To date, BSRC has received $577,719.33 of CHF’s total pledge of $749,100 to further the healing of Boulder survivors, victims, and families of the deceased. CHF has applied 4.6% of the funds collected to cover its administrative fees, as disclosed to donors at the time they contributed. The remaining funds are reserved for long-term needs such as support during upcoming legal proceedings.