The Colorado Healing Fund Disburses the Remaining Funds Collected on Behalf of Victims of the Club Q Shooting

The Colorado Healing Fund received $3.25 million and 100% of the funds have now been disbursed 

DENVER – The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) today announced that it has disbursed the remaining $120,986 in funds received for the benefit of victims of the November 2022 Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs. The final disbursement means that the CHF collected and disbursed $3,254,976 on behalf of the victims. It disbursed 100% of the funds it received for Club Q victims and did not keep any for administrative or other costs.

We thank all of the generous donors who have supported Club Q victims through the Colorado Healing Fund,” said Cynthia Coffman, board president. “Your financial support has made a meaningful difference to those directly affected by the Club Q shooting. Our mission is to create a safe and effective way for the public to make monetary donations to help victims of mass tragedy in Colorado, and we are heartened that we were able to do that for Club Q victims.” 

The CHF had intended to hold back some funds to support the long-term needs of victims, but conversations with victims made clear that the intermediate needs were too significant to not address immediately. As a result, the members of the board of directors made the decision to disburse the remaining $120,986. The funds have been disbursed through Community Health Partnership, CHF’s community partner, to the victims’ families, survivors, and those immediately impacted.

Anyone interested in supporting the ongoing efforts for Club Q and victims and survivors are encouraged to contact Prism Community Collective at