Colorado Healing Fund Announces Executive Director Transition

DENVER, March 26, 2023 – The Colorado Healing Fund announced that Jordan Finegan is resigning as executive director of the organization, effective June 5, 2023. She joined in 2019 as the organization’s first executive director and led the Colorado Healing Fund’s efforts to collect and distribute more than $6 million for survivors and victims’ families of mass casualty incidents at STEM School Highlands Ranch, King Soopers in Boulder, Canterbury Mobile Home Park in Colorado Springs, the Sol Tribe tragedy in Denver/Lakewood, and Club Q in Colorado Springs.

“We are very grateful to Jordan for the stability and expertise she has brought to the Colorado Healing Fund,” said Cynthia Coffman, founding board member. “Jordan’s leadership over the past four years reflects her strong dedication to helping her fellow Coloradans. Her gift for creating partnerships has helped expand our organization and created a solid foundation for her successor. We are sorry to see Jordan step down and wish her only the best in her future pursuits.”

The Colorado Healing Fund is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2018 by a group of victim advocates and community leaders who have responded to over 50 mass casualty events collectively to create a secure way for the public to contribute to victims of mass casualty crimes in Colorado. Initial funding was provided by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, and since then more than 25,000
donors have supported the organization’s mission.

“It has been an incredible honor to work with the communities and partners that have been working on behalf of the survivors and victims’ families over the past four years and helping to provide not just a trusted platform for donors, but also to be there to provide the immediate and long-term financial support that is so needed after tragedy,” Finegan said. “I am proud of the legacy I helped create while at the Colorado Healing Fund, and after four years I believe this is the right time for me to step down. I look forward to supporting the organization from my new role as a donor.”

Jordan will remain on board during the search for a new executive director.