Colorado Healing Fund Disburses Additional $128,000 to Address Intermediate Needs of Club Q Victims

DENVER – The Colorado Healing Fund (CHF) today announced it has disbursed an additional $127,886 in donations received for the benefit of victims of the November 2022 Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs. The funds are addressing intermediate needs of victims, including medical and mental health expenses, home modifications, and travel and lodging associated with the one-year anniversary of the shooting.

CHF has now disbursed more than $3.03 million to victims through its community partners, and approximately $150,000 remains and will be distributed to meet long-term needs of victims. CHF will distribute 100% of the funds it receives for Club Q victims, and it is not taking any of the money to cover administrative expenses.

The disbursement of the additional funds is in accordance with the CHF’s model that is designed to address the short-term, intermediate, and long-term needs of victims. This model was created by more than 20 of Colorado’s leading experts in the area of incident response who evaluated numerous responses ranging from 9/11 to the Virginia Tech shootings to the Boston Marathon bombing to identify best practices reflected in the CHF’s policies.